Dear and Glorious Physician
By Taylor Caldwell

A report will be coming soon of this book, but for now, we submit the following:

Lucanus (Greek version of Luke) was born a Greek to a freed-slave couple, and grew up as the stepson of a wealthy Roman soldier, Diodorus Cyrinus who was assigned to govern Antioch.

When Luke was ten years old he witnessed the Star of Bethlehem from a hilltop in his back yard in Antioch.
He knew it heralded the “Unknown God.”  He consecrated himself to find the Unknown God, and to serve Him, and in His Name to serve man.  He knew he could best serve man as a physician.  At that young age certain healings were already attributed to him.  He knew the philosophers and physicians of Greece, and had read their books of remedies for the ills of men, both mental and physical.  He was learning other languages, including Egyptian and Aramaic, so that he could speak to sufferers in their own tongues.
The book follows his path, until just one year after Jesus’ Ascension he locates and interviews Mary, the
disciples James, John and Peter, and Paul with whom he travels.  He stayed in the palaces of both Pilot and Herod and heard their first hand witnesses of Jesus.

Submitted by Leola Bergeson