Inside the Revolution
By Joel C. Rosenberg

Sioux Falls residents had an opportunity to hear from Joel Resenberg a few years ago at either Augustana or Central Baptist Church.  He is a best-selling author with more than 1.5 million copies in print.  He has been interviewed all over the world and has spoken at The White House.

In this book the author shares very honestly and openly about the three movements that are going on in the Middle East poised to change the world (The Radicals, The Reformers and The Revivalists). In the first thirteen chapters he shares about The Radicals and what their goals are.  They want to kill all infidels in the United States, Israel and elsewhere..  In the next eleven chapters he tells about The Reformers who are willing to challenge the Radicals (Jihadists).  In chapters 25-32 he shares a message of hope about The Revivalists  (Muslims becoming Christians) which is rarely heard about through the news media.  All Christians may not agree with their theology, but it is refreshing to know that more Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus Christ today than at any other time in history.

In his last chapter he challenges people to join the Revolution.  He shares openly about the good news in the Bible, and concludes with four scriptural strategies — (1) Learn, (2) Pray, (3) Give, and (4) Go.  He concludes with these words, “What about you?  Are you willing to join the Revolution?”


Following this last chapter he presents this appendix  “TWENTY TERROR PLOTS AGAINST AMERICA FOILED SINCE 9/11.”  You will be blessed and challenged by reading this book.

Submitted by Rev. Eugene DeHoogh