The Art of Listening in a Healing Way
By James E. Miller

The author is a writer, spiritual director, and grief counselor who lectures and presents in many areas of healing.  This is a book of 27 short chapters explaining the difference between hearing and listening.

Various encounters call for different ways of listening.  He mentions six kinds of listening:  “We listen casually, we listen for comprehension, we listen critically, we listen appreciatively, we listen therapeutically and the sixth kind of listening is healing listening.

What was the first time you felt really listened to?  Who did the listening?  What did you speak about?  How did you feel as the experience unfolded and afterward?  Why do you think this experience stays with you?

One chapter title is “Healing Listening is Founded on Wonder.”  Other chapters discuss the following, a healing listener stays in the moment; listens with the heart, listens through the soul and healing listening is an act of love.

It should be a challenge to everyone to do more listening and learning in our lives as we strive to understand and encourage one another to love and lift each other up for the healing that, many times, is necessary.

Submitted by Rev. Eugene DeHoogh