Memories of God: Theological Reflections on a Life
by Roberta Bondi.

Roberta Bondi, professor of Church History at Candler School
of Theology, reflects on the stories of her life, both painful and joyful,
as she recounts the pilgrimage of her life and faith. She discovers
that what she regarded as her private and unique life events were
really not private or idiosyncratic but common to many people.
Bondi has a way of drawing the reader into her childhood and young adult world. She reviews her family, cultural and religious
experiences and expectations.
She challenges her readers to see their life history through the
lens of faith and wry humor. She concludes, “…if we listen
carefully to their (our family) stories, if we watch them go about
their days, we see our own sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, teachers and strangers, clothed like the mountains with glory, held
in life forever in the memories of God.”

Submitted by Pastor Steve Corum