The roots of Wild Flower Presbyterian Church go back to a Sunday School for twenty boys, started by Mrs. Wilnona Cronk in 1917. Worship was first held in 1920 in a tar paper shack. In 1925 the first building of the church was completed on Mulberry Street. In 1948 the church restructured itself and incorporated with 54 members as Riverside Community Presbyterian Church of Sioux Falls.

Thomas Lindsey was the congregation’s first full time pastor. He served from 1959 through 1963. In 1965 Riverside yoked with Faith United Presbyterian Church of Brandon, SD. The congregation slowly grew under the leadership of Rev. EarI Underwood. The building of 1925 was found to be structurally unsound in 1975. It was decided to have the Fire Department burn it as a practice fire to make room for a new building.

In 1982 the yoke with Brandon was dissolved and Riverside called Rev. Jan Koczera who served from 1985 through 1989. In 1989, Rev. Sol Gruneich, a retired pastor, was originally called as Interim Pastor for six months, but stayed for four and a half years. Under Rev. Gruneich’s leadership, the session of Riverside followed God’s direction and decided to begin a relocation-redevelopment project. Property was purchased by the Presbytery of South Dakota for a new building to be built on the far east side of Sioux Falls.

Rev. Tom Lewis was called as a three-year designated pastor in 1994. In October of 1994 the congregation changed its name to Wild Flower Presbyterian Church, connecting its name with the neighborhood where the new building was to be built. In December, 1994, the Mulberry Street property was sold, making way for yet another building project. For most of 1995, Wild Flower worshipped at Washington High School while the present building was being constructed.On November 19, 1995, Wild Flower moved into its new facility at 4800 East 6th Street. The congregation that began as a Sunday School for twenty boys in 1917 is now a congregation of 175 members. With confidence that God has been and is the leader, Wild Flower Presbyterian Church is moving forward with hope and life in Jesus Christ. Our purpose is: To be a Christ-centered community that lives His love through invitation, worship, training, and service to all.